european training programme preparing for professional mead judging

Mead Judging Programme

mead judging programme

MJP (Mead Judging Programme) is a pioneering European training programme preparing for professional mead judging. This programme had his inauguration during the II European Mead Makers Conference in 2019.

Main goal is to prepare and to train professional mead judges as well as to educate people about conscious and correct mead tasting. It’s intended for people who want to acquire the knowledge and skills about sensory tasting of meads. The judges are also trained in general knowledge of mead, and the detection of positive and correct aromas and flavours of mead, but also those defective or faulty. The persons who will complete the training will receive certificate and will get competences and qualifications allowing them to join the jury in mead competitions.
In the first years of programme existing, to gain a qualification, the potential judge will need to attend a training course and pass a practical exam. In the future, it will be necessary to also pass the online test.
Mead Judging Programme is a five-stage programme. Each level determines judge knowledge and experience. After being awarded the basic level, a judge can be promoted to a higher level, through gaining experience and judging a mead competitions.

This programme is a response to the demand for a professional and educated mead judges in Europe and the need for education about mead.

How to become a certified mead judge?

To become a certified mead judge, one must meet several basic criteria.
We would love to see you joining mead judges community.

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Organization of training

We strive to provide you with access to professional and substantive knowledge, and to transfer it in an accessible and understandable way. We also want the training to be conducted in a friendly and pleasant environment in cooperation with people from the industry.

All learning materials are available online.


Training objective:
Mead judging programme

European training programme

MJP (Mead Judging Programme) is a pioneering European training programme preparing for professional assessment of mead.

conscious and correct tasting

Educating people on the conscious and proper tasting of mead. It is designed for people who want to have the knowledge and skills to determine the sensory quality of mead.

professional judging staff

The purpose of the training is to prepare and train professional judges. This programme is a response to the demand for professional and educated judges in Europe.

knowledge about mead

The judges are trained in general knowledge about mead and the detection of positive and correct, as well as these defective, honey aromas and flavours.

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